So, as promised before, why MindZeGap ? Well, MindZeGap obviously expresses the notion of offering some sort of attention to a bit of space, typically a space where you’d rather not stuck one of your feet when getting out of a London tube train, but there’s more to it, a lot more. MindZeGap, for us, evokes a wider, more enthusiasming sort of space, the space that separates the known, the comfy, the reassuring bank of a safe and under control existence from the wild and exhilarating adventure of new territories pathfinding. To Set-lists.


Widely Adventurous Electro Jazz Project

Corporate Haiku - 2010

Obsessive Delirium Bass Sax Electro - 2010

Les 12 Premières Minutes du Futur - 2010

Intro - Raicher Von Davos - 2010

Sunday in Rio Part 1 - 2010

Sunday in Rio Part 2 - 2010

Sunday in Rio Part 3 - 2010

Sunday in Rio Part 4 - 2010